Main Mumbai guessing today 19-06-2018


Hello friends, all of you are welcome at our website Today we will see the game of 19-06-2018 for Main Mumbai. Friends game will be good today, today will be  JODI also we have a good game for even today. So let’s see today. First of all, what we have to play in the OPEN, in OPEN we will play 5, 9, 4 and 6 will play in the Open today. And if we talk about the JODI, today we will play JODI in 5 with 9, after that we will take 7 on 9, 1 on 4, 9 on 7 will also repeat today, and after that it will remain 8 to 5. For example, if you talk about the friends I have given in the open, they are showing in more than close, here you have 4, and 5, but you have to play the game just as I have given it. Remember that if the open does not come in the open, it is a simple logic, it spreads in the open. If the game is stuck in the open, the JODI will be locked in their OPEN CLOSE, but you will have profits, so I Like the game has given friends, you play exactly like this, play nice friends, good luck for the game, Thank You


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