Kalyan Matka Open To Close Fix 30-06-2018 and Kalyan Fix Jodi

kalyan open to close
kalyan open to close

Hello friends, All of you are welcome in our own website sattamatkabazar.net. Today we will see Kalyan’s game for the 30-06-2018. Today I will give you a game of open and close, as well as whatever jodi or patti will give you, you have to play in it. Today, let me tell you what to play in strong. Playing in Strong is 5 and 6. You have to play this in strong, open in Kalyan, in open to close (OTC) today’s date 30-06-2018.

And in support you have to play 7 and 8. It is based on the whole trick, so if you guys will give some points to make some jodi, those two points have to play more in the close. Meaning of the opening, then close you have to play 100 rupees. And jodi you have to put the number behind the points, you have 3 and 8. Take 3 and 8 support here. And what 5 and 6 were told was to play in Open to Close (OTC). Play 100 rupees in open and play with 200 rupees in close. Like it said, play it exactly friends. Today you will have a cover your loss right now. And I come with a lot of hard work to bring you free games, please share this link on your Facebook, or you can also share it by clicking the share button given above, the game is very good friends, play it fully. Good luck for the game, Thank You.


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